Congratulations!! You have successfully registered for our 1 Week Free TrainingPlease join our WhatsApp group as all the information about this training will be posted in this group. This training will provide students with the basic understanding of Process Design and Design of Experiments. 

There is no completion certificate for the free training! However, If you want to get certified for this online training program, please register for certification. All participants will receive a 6 week industrial training certificate from Euclid Labs. 

Rs 747 (Only Today)

About Certification Program

The following topics are only included in the certification program:

  • Detailed PCB making process (practical session)

  • Detailed screen printing (practical session)

  • Factors affecting screen printing (printing process parameters)

  • Detailed IMS Manufacturing process 

  • By 3 Factorial Experiment

  • Solution of 2 By 3 Factorial Experiment

  • Half Factorial Experiment Design

  • Taguchi Design & Solution

  • Basics of Minitab

  • Solving factorial design using Minitab

  • Basics of materials involved

  • Optimization of materials

  • Step by step breakdown of our process optimization approach