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PCB Design & Manufacturing (6 Weeks)

Learn to design and make a PCB from scratch. Also, learn about different types of PCBs used in LEDs, high power electronics, printed and  flexible electronics.

Rs 2,499     Rs 847 (Only Today)

Recorded & Live Sessions

The training programs consist of pre-recorded video lectures as well as live sessions in the form of Q&A sessions, lab sessions, project sessions etc.

Hands-on Learning

Students will work on the design and actual manufacturing of a clap circuit. Students will also learn about the IMS manufacturing process via lab demonstrations

Flexible Schedule

Students can start and complete the training as per their own schedule and convenience. 

Completion Certificates

All students who register for certification programs and complete the training will receive industrial training certificate from Euclid Labs.

Training Program Highlights

About Training Program

Printed Circuit Boards are used everywhere in our daily lives, be it our mobile phones, laptops, TVs, smart watches or mobile chargers. In this training program you will learn everything about PCBs i.e. their applications, design and manufacturing process. 

In this training program, you will learn how to design a PCB from scratch using KiCAD. KiCAD is an open source PCB design software and thus it can be downloaded for free on any laptop/desktop. You will learn how to design a clap circuit using KiCAD and then learn the process of actually manufacturing the clap circuit. 

Most PCBs are made up of FR4 grade materials which are poor conductors of heat and have low melting points. Thus, for applications where the heat generation or the operating temperatures are high (such as high power LEDs), Metal Clad PCBs or Insulated Metals Substrates (IMS) are used. In this online training program, students will also learn the process of making substrates (MCPCB and IMS) for high power electronics. The additive process taught in this training program is also used in the fabrication of Flexible PCBs, Solar cells, Printed electronics etc.

This is a lecture cum laboratory based online training where students will also learn the processes and fabrication techniques used in the actual industrial environment through demonstrations in our IMS and Screen Printing Lab.

  • Introduction to Training Program

  • Basics of PCB

    • Applications​

    • Need for PCBs

    • Different types of PCBs

    • Different materials

  • Basics of Clap circuit

    • Applications ​

    • Components of clap circuit

    • Working of clap circuit

  • Introduction to KiCAD

    • About KiCAD​

    • Download instructions and basics

    • Introduction to KiCAD tools

  • Project 1 - Circuit design of a 9W LED bulb

    • Schematic design​

    • Footprints & layout design

  • Project 2 - Clap circuit design

    • Schematic design​

    • Footprints & layout design

  • Project 3 - Raspberry PiHAT

    • Schematic design​

    • Footprints & layout design

  • Manufacturing of Clap circuit

    • Overview

    • Pattern transfer​

    • Etching

    • Mounting of components

    • Soldering

  • Drawbacks of PCBs 

  • Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCBs)

    • Applications​

    • Manufacturing Process

  • Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS)

    • Basics of IMS and their uses​

    • Overview of Manufacturing process

  • IMS Manufacturing Process (Detailed)

    • Screen Printing (Printing Lab)​

    • Drying and Firing (IMS Lab)

  • Training Program Review

Training Content

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