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Industry Specialization (3 Months)
LEDs & High Power Electronics

In this training program, you will learn everything about PCBs, LEDs, High Power Electronics, Additive Process, Screen Printing and Flexible Electronics. 

You will get an in-depth understanding of printing and firing technology used in making of High Power LED substrates, Ceramic based hybrid circuits and flexible electronics (IMS and Screen Printing Lab)

Rs 4,499     Rs 2,497 (Only Today)

Recorded & Live Sessions

The training program consists of pre-recorded video lectures as well as live sessions in the form of Q&A sessions, lab sessions, project sessions etc.

Hands-on Learning

Students will learn about the manufacturing process of PCBs  and LED substrates. Students will learn how to work on various equipments and processes in IMS and screen printing lab.

Flexible Schedule

Students can start and complete the training as per their own schedule and convenience. 

Completion Certificates

All students who register for certification programs and complete the training will receive industrial training certificate from Euclid Labs.

Training Program Highlights

  • Introduction

  • Basics of PCB

  • Basics of clap circuit 

  • Introduction to KiCAD

  • Project 1: Circuit design of 9W LED bulb

  • Project 2: Circuit design of clap circuit

  • Project 3: Circuit design of Raspberry PiHAT

  • Manufacturing of clap circuit

    • Pattern transfer and Etching​

    • Mounting components and soldering

  • Additive vs Subtractive process

  • Drawbacks of PCBs 

  • Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCBs)

    • Applications​

    • Manufacturing Process*

  • Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS)

    • Basics of IMS and their uses​

    • Overview of Manufacturing process

  • IMS Manufacturing Process (Detailed)*

    • Screen Printing (Printing Lab)​

    • Drying and Firing (IMS Lab)

  • Factors affecting screen printing thickness (Screen Parameters)

  • Factors affecting screen printing thickness (Printing Parameters)

  • Factors affecting IMS properties

    • Printing​

    • Drying

    • Leveling

    • Firing

  • Materials involved in IMS manufacturing

    • Dielectric material​

    • Factors affecting dielectric property

    • Conducting material

    • Factors affecting conducting property

  • Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Importance of DOE

  • Simple Experiment Design

  • 2 By 2 Factorial Design

  • Components of LED bulb

    • LED Chip (Types & Functions)

    • PCB/Substrate (Types & Functions)

    • LED Driver (Types & Functions)

  • LED Chip

    • Semiconductors and P-N diodes​

    • Emission wavelength and heat generation

    • White light and how it is produced

    • SMD vs through and meaning of SMD number

  • LED Driver

    • Constant current driver​

    • Constant voltage driver

  • Project 1- Fabrication of 12W/14W LED lamp

    • Finalizing LED chips & Circuitry

    • Finalizing driver & driver design

    • Finalizing details of IMS substrate

    • Finalizing packaging details

  • Project 2- Fabrication of 45W/60W LED lamp

  • Project 3- Fabrication of an Inverter lamp 

  • Ceramic based devices

  • Fabrication of ceramic based devices

  • Fabrication of flexible circuits

  • Course Review

Training Content

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